Muthi Futhi Trust


The Edakeni Muthi Futhi Trust is based in Dakeni, a small village near Eshowe, Zululand, on the banks of the Tugela River, with an office in Durban. We specialise in the cultivation and processing of African medicinal plants, and the production of traditional medicinal products.The vision driving the creation of the business was that of the late Isaac Banda, who had a passion both for the development of African traditional medicine, and for the empowerment of rural communities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Muthi Futhi cultivates a wide range of indigenous plants for use both in its own products, and for sale. We have 25 hectares currently under cultivation, and also run a sales nursery, and a primary processing plant on site. All plant material offered for sale is cultivated, we do not harvest from the wild. Muthi Futhi strives to follow best practice in terms of environmental compliance, good manufacturing practice, and all other regulatory requirements

Muthi Futhi is jointly owned by the community of Dakeni and Enzangakho Consultancy. Women from the community work in the business, and the wider community also benefits from a profit share in the business

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Key People

Gill Whittington Banda
Business Manager
Zama Nzuza
Site Manager

Edakeni Muthi Futhi Trust; Registration no IT 488/2008/PMB Trading as Muthi Futhi (TM)

The initial two year phase of the business was co-funded by the EU through the GijimaKZN programme, and by the National Development Agency (NDA).

Muthi Futhi is compliant with environmental and other regulations; the Trust was awarded a Bio-prospecting Permit from the Department of Environmental Affairs, and a ToPS permit from Ezemvelo Wildlife, in 2011.